Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A place for everything

I'm messy, I don't mind admitting it! I dream of an uncluttered organised world where when asked "where's my .....? I can smile serenely and reply with absolute precision as to the whereabouts of said item. Sadly this is just a dream and unlikely to ever become a reality, but this doesn't stop me marvelling over the order of other peoples storage solutions. Whilst searching for some ideas I found that I need go no further than Country Living! Oh, how wonderful it would be!!


Monica said...

oh those pictures are amazing and exactly what I dream of my work space to look like. Unfortunately, it's probably just not a reality for me! I've tried before and everything ends up the same...messy and cluttered. Oh well, I'll keep dreaming ;)

maisy and alice said...

Hey, you and me both, but we can dream can't we? !!