Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hey Wombat!!

Just look at this little chap. 'Oh, how adorable', I hear you cry!
Well, the little sweetheart is nothing but a common thief!
My dear Alice (eldest daughter) left her Mummy to go on her 1st camping trip alone.
After arriving at the beautiful Wilsons Promontary on the south coast of our lovely State of Victoria, she and her charming boyfriend decided to do 'a spot of grocery shopping'. Well, clearly I have failed as a mother to provide my baby with the necessary skills to survive a 3 day camping trip as she apparently doesn't know how to 'buy food'. She spent $80 on lollies (sweets/candy), sugary breakfast cereal (god forbid! I mean, her teeth?), chicken (no fridge to keep it in!) porterhouse steak, white (yes, white!) bread and a jar of curry sauce (well, she is English!). She did think of me briefly and buy a quantity of fruit!
Satisfied with their purchases they went of to explore!
Enter Craig!!
On returning from their little journey of exploration, they discovered a large hole ripped into the side of their tent out of which was protruding the ample bottom of Craig the Wombat!
Craig had devoured the steak and the chicken, now call me ignorant, but I thought wombats were vegetarian! Clearly not! He had consumed an entire box of Cocoa Pops(this serves her right as there is no way she'd get those at home!) box and all! He'd scattered cherry tomatoes everywhere and was just attempting to tear open the bread when he was discovered!
I won't bore you with the details but it took a full hour to remove him from the tent and while they were sleeping soundly that night, he returned, clearly hoping they'd been back to the store for more provisions and walked over them to get to what was left of the food. He returned several times more before their trip was over.
Needless to say, should you wish to see the usually nocturnal, elusive and shy wombat head off to Wilson's Prom, Craig will be more than happy to keep you entertained!


Monica said...

Oh my goodness! What a little furry devil!

Red Letter Studio said...

bahaha thats so funny!!! I think its a crack up that he came back later! see, coco pops are pretty good!

earlybird said...

Haha!! Reminds me of the time we went camping and Harold the Kookaburra kept stealing out steak :) Lovely story Maisie!!