Friday, June 5, 2009

Trip to Brighton Beach

Well, finally my blog is up and running and here is my first post!
Today was the 1st sunny day for a while , so we took Hamish McDuff, our Bearded Collie to his favourite beach at Brighton. He thoroughly enjoyed himself, paddling and playing with the other dogs. His day got even better when we went for breakfast at Pantry and the waitress bought him his own rather large, bone shaped biscuit! It didn't stop him trying to steal my bacon though!! He'll steal your latte given half a chance too, this must be a Melbourne dog!


slinkymalinkicat said...

Hamish is adorable and a great start to your blog ..... which looks great, you have done an amazing job, I am so glad to see you are up and running. Well done!!

maisy and alice said...

Thank you Slinky! I finally made it, thanks for your encouragement!